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Joey Pruski - On & Off The Stage

Joey Pruski's name can only be related to one simple word when it comes to describing who he is and what he does; Music. Pruski is well known for being a career musician primarily. What they don't see is who he is and what he does when he's not on the stage. Pruski entered in to the music industry, like most, as a musician. But as the years progressed he started looking past the point of just playing on a stage. His ambition was to learn as much as he could on every aspect of the music business. Over the past decade, Joey has worked hands on as both a studio and live engineer, a design artist for logos and album artwork, a web designer for bands and booking agents, a photographer for bands both live and press photos and most recently the merchandise management industry. When all of this is combined, Joey Pruski can manage multiple areas needed by clients all at once, or a single service. He has set out with a simple goal in mind to provide many different services that can be streamlined from a single source. His belief is that working with a single company on different levels takes much of the stress out of getting things done. Pruski's services designed to work seamlessly between them. The end result is a high quality system that works. His specialty is in the music industry, but not limited to it. His services can fit any business, organization or personal need. Joey works very closely with clients to make sure that their expectations are not only met, but exceeded.

Joey Pruski stands behind his name and his company. Which is why they are the same.