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Sell your merchandise online without ever having to touch a single item, package, stamp or trip to the post office...

When it comes to selling your merchandise online, it can be a real hassle... and expensive. Selling products online is a great way to boost sales. But the processes of setting yourself up to do so takes a lot of time and expenses. Even after you have everything set up and are ready to sell, then the time is spent processing orders and shipping them. Sometimes the cost to be able to sell your products online is too expensive and just not worth the hassle to you.

We have come up with a solution for just that problem. Our merchandise services take every bit of the "leg work" and hassles associated with online sales completely out of the picture for you. We set your site up with a storefront page that displays your products available to online buyers. If you don't currently have a website, you can direct your buyers to a page provided by our server for you. From there, online buyers can select the items they want and make their purchases through our major credit card processing service securely. We then process and ship the order for you with your products that we keep in stock. At the end of each period you will get a check along with a statement of your sales reports.

You make money without having to do all the work. Plain and simple.

Our goal with this is to be able to provide our clients with a seamless system of helping them get their products online to sell without the major costs and processes associated with it. The only thing you have to do is provide a stock of the items that you want to sell. We take care of everything else.

As more and more of your merchandise sells, we will send a request to you for a restock of your merchandise. That's all that you have to do...